C250 - Tundra Sandal

Custom congruent to patient using:
Plaster, STS, Fiberglass Roll, 3D Scanner, Existing Positive Model
Current timing for delivery is 3 weeks.
Expedited on availability.

Suggested Codes
L1940, L2330, L2820, L2232, L2280, L3400


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A rigid orthosis to control the foot and ankle, custom molded from a model of the patient, custom fabricated, includes casting and cast preparation ( if the device extends to a height no greater than 1.5 inches distal to the apex of the head of the fibula.)
L1940 Ankle foot orthosis, plastic or other material, custom fabricated (for device with a height below 1.5 inches distal to the apex of the head of the fibula.

L2330 A leather, or similar material, lacer molded from a model of the patient, that fits around the calf area, includes casting and cast preparation
L2820 Addition to Lower Extremity Orthosis, Soft Interface for Molded Plastic, Below Knee Section
L2232 Addition to lower extremity orthosis, rocker bottom for total contact ankle foot orthosis, for custom fabricated orthosis only
L2280 Addition to lower extremity, molded inner boot
L3400 Metatarsal bar wedge, rocker

If patient is diabetic and qualifies, you can also use A5501 and A5503


Clinical Indications:

  • Adult Acquired Flatfoot stage III & IV
  • PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)
  • Talocalcaneal varus or valgus
  • Tibialis tendonitis (posterior or anterior)
  • Severe pronation or pes planus
  • Ankle arhtritis or DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Charcot foot
  • Ankle, subtalar, or midtarsal trauma
  • Chronic achilles tendinitis

Recommended For:

  • Any patients with indications listed above