Which Foot Impression Method is Best?

  Plaster Slipper Cast

  Foam Impression

  STS Slipper Sock

  3D Foot Scanner


Existing Positive Model


Foot Impression Methods and Orthotic Frame Fabrication Methods

There are 7 common methods for capturing a patient’s foot contour: Plaster Slipper Cast, Foam Impression, STS Slipper Sock, 3D Scan, Pedobarography, Positive Model and Redimold. There are 5 different lab methods for orthotic frame fabrication: Plaster Positive Model Vacuum Formed, CAD CAM Positive Model Vacuum Formed, 3D Printed Frame, Direct Mill Frame and Redimold Vacuum Formed. Tolerances in foot impression methods and fabrication methods produce variable outcomes for how similarly the orthotic frame matches the patient’s foot. The chart below shows outcomes of shape-contour variation between foot, foot-model and orthotic frame when different methods are combined. Congruent accuracy is a measure of how closely the orthotic frame matches the patient’s foot in the exact position the patient’s foot impression was captured.

Foot Impression and Frame Fabrication Method
Outcome Variation Chart

* Because the redimold method has no physical or digital foot impression, the congruent accuracy from patient foot to cast is unavailable. However, the congruent accuracy from positive model to vacuum formed frame has a low degree of variation.

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