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At KevinRoot Medical we provide the best products and health technology to Podiatrists, O&P, PT, DC and Orthopedists who treat MSK pathology for the whole body.

We provide clinicians, the best orthoses technology and service, guaranteed.

It’s hard to provide the best service and product. But not for us.

We are over 200 team members serving clinicians worldwide with the best biomechanical lab service and technology available. With rapid production times averaging 5 days and 3 day international shipping service, wherever you are in the world, you can provide your patients the best foot orthoses treatment in under two weeks.


We are a leader in innovation and have helped improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people globally...

We invented the modern foot orthotic.

In 1958, our founder Dr. Merton Root, began work on a thermoplastic Functional Orthotic and then wrote two seminal books Biomechanical Examination of the Foot Vol. 1, 1971 and Normal and Abnormal Function of the Foot - Clinical Biomechanics Vol. 2 197.


We start with the patient

In 2019 we released Biomechanical Intelligence, a new method for collecting patients’ mechanical data, methodically examining the MSK patient and getting extraordinary outcomes.

This helps you understand the unique and complex MSK system with each patient, helping you fine tune your orthotic design and providing each patient with treatments that work.

See our muscles studies bellow:

See our BIQ Assessment Elements here:


In 2020 we released Foot ID

Foot ID is the first iOS app to scan the patient using apples TrueDepth camera system. This eliminates the need to scan with a larger more cumbersome system or cast your patient in the more antiquated traditional method of plaster or foam impression.

Foot ID allows you to scan and submit orders to our lab in seconds maximizing your efficiency


We offer the best orthoses for difficult pathologies to make great patient outcomes easy

We take modern flat, hard, repetitive ground and adapt the body to function at it’s best.

Plantar Fasciitis

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction


Plantar Plate Tear

Foot Drop

Complex Biomechanical Pathology


Our orthoses are made from the highest quality materials

We guarantee patient satisfaction and against breakage with our peace of mind guarantee.

Instructions for calibrating orthoses frame per patients weight:

TL2100 Carbon

Medical grade polypropylene

Prolite EVA foam

Myolite Polyurethane


Why we are better at this

Scanning tailored to fit your practice

Highest quality scan with Foot ID

Highest quality lab software Fit360 and AOMS

World class biomechanical expertise

The friendliest and most accessible client support team

Coding and compliance support

World wide distribution

Leverage the best for your clinic

Balance Braces

Patients who require improved balance and stability to lower the risk for trips and falls

Sports Orthotics

Used by professional and recreational athletes for the functional motions.

Custom Braces

Ankle Foot Orthotic range to address every pathology requiring an AFO solution

Dress Orthotics

For patient’s desiring slim-fit shoes that require an orthotic to fit inside narrow heel bases.

Pathology Orthotics

Evidence based orthotics for everyday use conveniently pre-selected with modifications.

Diabetic Orthoses

Used by geriatric and diabetic patients to address effects of their pathology, including ulcers.

What our clients are saying about us


We combat pathology with functional strategy. Our philosophy is to focus upstream and eliminate pathology at the root cause.

KevinRoot Medical Team

J.T. Holmes

Red Bull Athlete


KevinRoot Medical made me improve my stability and balance, reduce or sometimes even eliminate my pain.

Howard F. Liebeskind, DPM

Team Podiatrist, Los Angeles Lakers


I use Foot ID for athletes that represent our country and soccer players worldwide.

Alexis E. Dixon, MD, FAAOS

Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Team Physician, Red Bull North America


I refer my athletes who need orthotics to KevinRoot Medical providers. Foot ID provides the precision I need for my athletes to be their best.

Dr. Lowell Weil Sr, DPM

Weil Foot and Ankle Institute Chicago, Illinois


Shortly after Kevin joined our Institute, I realized he was a rising star. I trusted Kevin so much that I created a new position for him at the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute.

Dr. Bob Baravarian, DPM

University Foot & Ankle Institute, Santa Monica


I believe that Kevin Orthopedic is by far the best orthotic lab in the United States. They produce a superior product and the customer service to patients and doctors is exceptional.

Michael J. Chin, DPM, FACFAS

Co-Lead Chicago Marathon Podiatric Medical Team, Liaison Chicago Area Runner’s Association


KevinRoot Medical has provided The Running Institute with orthotic lab services for over ten years. In that time we have helped thousands of patients run pain free.


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