Inverts cuboid

Clinical Indication:
Everted cuboid
Cuboid syndrome
Relieves adjacent joint pain

Varus Cuboid Pad

A varus cuboid pad is a wedge-shaped Myolite padding that is placed on the superior lateral surface of an orthotic’s frame and sits beneath the cuboid, intermediate and lateral cuneiform, and medial 5th metatarsal base.

1.5 and 3mm thicknesses are the more common and tolerable options of the varus cuboid pad.


Orthotic Lab Codes:

CP-1p5: 1.5mm VR Cuboid Pad
CP-3p0: 3mm VR Cuboid Pad
CP-4p5: 4.5mm VR Cuboid Pad
CP-6p0: 6mm VR Cuboid Pad