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  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)
  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)
  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)
  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)
  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)
  • Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)

Sarasota Beach - Black Stretchable (Women's)

  • $129.95

Podiatrist Testimonial

I have been using Orthofeet footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

- Steven Gershman, DPM



Walk Comfort & Pain Free or Your Money Back!

Sarasota Beach Fisherman women's black sandals offer a stretchable, non-binding fit, extra room for toe movement, and maximum protection against pressure points. The anatomical orthotic insole and ergonomic sole offer precise support and excellent cushioning, making every step you take soothing with comfort.


  • Superior Comfort & Fit - Stretchable design offers a relaxed, comfortable fit and helps relieve pressureon Bunions, Hammer-Toes and sensitive feet.
  • Comfortable Orthotic Support - Premium orthotic insoles, featuring anatomical arch support and cushioning layers provide soft, pillow-like support that enhances comfort and helps ease pain on the heel, ball of the foot, knees, hips, and back caused by flat feet, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes.
  • Easy Gait - Light-weight soles with Ergonomic-Stride™ design and air cushioning soften step and enhance stability. They add spring and comfort to your step for a “Walking on a cloud”experience.
  • Protective Interior - Soft, seam-free interior lining eliminates pressure points and friction against skin, offering superior comfort and protection.
  • Orthotic friendly design– Extra depth design with removable orthotic insoles (¼” thick in the forefoot area) provide ample space for custom made orthotics.
  • Adjustable fit - Two sets of removable spacers (1/16" and 1/8" thick). - Allow the adjustment of the space inside the shoe for a perfect fit.

Product Features

Arch Support

Removable Insoles

Orthotic Friendly

Cushioned Heel

Extra Depth

Deep Toe-Box

Wide Toe-Box

Heel Cup

Shock Absorbing

Soft Uppers

Width Chart

Orthofeet Women's Shoe Sizing Chart













Plantar Fasciitis

Swollen Feet


Ball of the foot pain

Morton's Neuroma


Flat Feet


Knee Pain

Heel Pain

Heel Spurs

Over Pronation

Arch Pain





Rheumatoid Arthritis


Hammer Toes

Morton's Neuroma

Achilles Tendinitis

Back Pain

Additional Details

Product Care:
For Suede leather: Use a brush and a cloth.
For Full Grain Leather - Use shoe cream.


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Patient's recommend

Lena Schefke

"The shoes are wonderful, my feet or legs no longer swell nor do they hurt when standing all day! Best shoes anyone can wear. Thank you OrthoFeet . Love them!"

Mi-Ok Evans

"It feels so much better with OrthoFeet. I had a Bunions removed both feet and could not find the right shoes. I went to online specialist for bunion. It showed all types of bunion shoes. What a relief, I bought one for extra wide. Great for my feet. Thank you!"

Sharon Sullivan

"Very comfortable and adjustable. Since my Lapidus/bunionectomy, the foot is literally a whole shoe size smaller, so the extra inserts are very helpful. The padding is better than other brands."

Joyce Doris

"These shoes have been very comfortable. I like the Velcro tab that fastens the shoes. It was a big help after my hip replacement surgery."

Nancy Freed

"I work in a pharmacy and am on my feet for 8-10 hours a day. These shoes are so comfortable I am able to work the long days."

Jeannine Botting

"I never thought I would find a shoe so comfortable. I love the fact that we have choices of inserts to use. Today, I ordered the tan version of this shoe. I am also waiting for another type of shoe from this company as well. I am totally sold. It is such a relief to find shoes that will help my sensitive feet."

Virginia Cotts

"Due to increasing neuropathy, I had to get rid of all my slip on shoes and was only wearing athletic shoes. I really wanted something safe to walk in that didn't look like I was going to the gym. These are the second pair of shoes I have bought from OrthoFeet and did not need a half size larger for either. I have to add high arch supports which fit perfectly and the shoes are very comfortable. Did quite a lot of walking during a day long visit with family. Very secure and no discomfort at all. Both my mother and sister commented on how nice the shoes look and are now interested in checking out OrthoFeet."

Paula Small

" have the Sarasota Beach in both Black and Tan
The shoe is extremely comfortable and good looking. It does not look like a shoe for "troubled feet". There is a lot of room up on the toe area which is essential for me. I love this shoe!"

Margaret Myers

"WOW, I CAN WALK! I had been looking at the ORTHOFEET page on my tablet for a while, and since I had not had a new pair of ortho shoes in a very long time I took a chance and ordered them "SARASOTA BEACH" in just one weeks time I see a difference
In my walking, my husband said I even walk
Straight and don't hunch over! I am a type 2
DIABETIC with my Big toe on my right foot
missing. I have told all my family and friends about
ORTHOFEET! I also will be ordering another pair for summer! Thank you for making such a great

Marion Smith

"I have been wearing my shoes for a bit over one week. I ordered my regular size and they fit real well. My feet hurt so much so I decided to try these shoes. They do help my feet a my knee. I have a very bad back and now I find I can walk straighter. I have hunched over for a long time. I am hoping that by walking straighter that I will be able to build up the muscles in my back that I haven't been able to use for along time."

Jeanne Schwartz

"I needed a walking shoe that would support my feet.
This meets the need.
I needed one that was soft inside.
This meets the need.
As a Diabetic I needed one that was comfortable and supportive
This met my need."

Helen Harris

"Very nice shoes - I have arthritis in my feet and these feel great on my feet. I usually take a size 7 and ordered the recommend 1/2 size larger and glad I did, fit great. Highly recommend these and will purchase another pair in another style."

Gayle Johnson

"My great arthritic toe does not hurt when I walk anymore. Most comfortable shoes I own. Fit without inserts. Will definitely will be purchasing more."

Evelyn Pirozzi

"I have not only purchased these shoes I have purchased Many pairs of shoes and slippers from this company. I have NEVER been disappointed in their products. I do not make this statement lightly as I have vascular problems and several different problems with my feet."

Marilyn Phelps

"I have terrible joint pain and cramps in my feet, these shoes have been the best shoes I have ever worn! As long as I have them on, the pain in my toe joints is nearly gone and that is an experience I have not had in a very long time. The cramping has eased up too. My problems aren't something a shoe is going to magically cure, but they sure do make my life better."


The primary focus of the OrthoFeet brand is to offer the ultimate comfortable and functional shoes, orthotic insoles and socks. By combining athletic footwear technology and therapeutic detailing, OrthoFeet footwear offer the highest level of comfort and protection for sensitive feet.

Finding the right pair of shoes can be a tiring process, especially when faced with a foot ailment.

Orthofeet is also offering innovative high heels, which are biomechanically engineered to offer the world’s most comfortable heels.

OrthoFeet employs biomedical engineers to build innovative footwear products, designed to alleviate the symptoms associated with various foot conditions, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Foot pain, bunions, corns, calluses, and neuroma, and products for individuals with diabetes, arthritis and Neuropathy.

Bioheels allow users to customize the support under the arch and to adjust the space inside the shoe, providing a perfect fit and eliminating foot slippage at the heel.

OrthoFeet products have been proven to help millions of people looking for comfort shoes, diabetic shoes, therapeutic shoes, arthritic shoes, orthotic shoes, foot orthotics, removable insoles, seam-free socks, non-binding and non-constrictive socks.