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Creating rigid shells – a non-clinical overview

An overview of the whole FITFOOT360 process for making rigid 3/4 or full length functional devices.

1 button can design a custom device

Creating Custom Style Files

How to use FITFOOT360 to create custom orthotic insole designs using an automated process. You can define your ideal solution for a specific pathology or fit or shoe and re-use for all similar cases or footwear.

Realtime 3D feedback gives you full design control

Midfoot & Arch Control

Overview of the midfoot CAD control functions in FITFOOT360 for designing custom orthotic insoles using foot scan data. These tools allow foothealth practitioners to control the fit of the orthotic to a patients medial and lateral arch and midfoot.

Text prescriptions can become 3D designs in 1 click

Profile Editing

Editing custom orthotic insole and shoe last profiles to accommodate the foot when designing orthoses using foot scan data.

You have full clinical control

Design by Prescription

Create 3D designs automatically by simply entering information into a digital prescription form. Ideal for labs or practitioners who are not familiar with CAD and would rather manually enter measured values.

You can use insole profiles or shoe last profiles to control the shape

Design by Templates

Labs can use a prescription template to automate some or all of their custom insole production by saving partially complete prescriptions which, when used with unique patient information and measurements, become 3D CAD models in seconds.

You don’t need a scan file to create a 3D model

Touch Screen Controls

This video shows how to control FITFOOT360 using a touch screen windows computer. Helps Practitioners to design custom orthotic insoles in front of their Patients

You can cut positives, cut insoles or 3D print

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