Frame options: Frame guides

Instructions for calibrating orthoses frame per patients weight:

1. Find the patient weight on the frame calibration guide in the first column. Look across that row to identify what’s considered neutral rigidity for the patients weight.

2. On the frame material rigidity guide locate neutral rigidity on the top row and identify appropriate material thickness for the type of material.

Frame Calibration Guide Per Weight

Rigidity is the relative stiffness of the orthotic frame that allows it to resist bending or twisting under loads of the foot and body.

Frame Material Rigidity Guide

Clinical pearl:
The higher the shape of the arch the more rigid the material becomes, e.g. a flat foot shape with 3mm vacuum formed polypro frame will have a less rigid property than a high arched foot with the same 3mm vacuum formed polypro frame. Consider selecting a less rigid frame option for cavus feet and more rigid frame for flat feet.