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Client Testimonials


Howard F. Liebeskind, DPM

Team Podiatrist, Los Angeles Lakers

"For my patients and athletes I use Foot ID."

Michael J. Chin, DPM, FACFAS

Co-Lead Chicago Marathon Podiatric Medical Team, Liaison Chicago Area Runner’s Association

"KevinRoot Medical has provided The Running Institute with orthotic lab services for over ten years. In that time we have helped thousands of patients run pain free."

Alexis E. Dixon, MD, FAAOS

Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Team Physician, Red Bull North America

"I refer my Red Bull athletes who need orthotics to KevinRoot Medical providers. Foot ID provides the precision I need for my athletes to be their best."

J.T. Holmes

Red Bull Athlete

"KevinRoot Medical made me improve my stability and balance, reduce or sometimes even eliminate my pain."

Supna Reilly, DPM

Performance Podiaty, Chicago

"We trust KevinRoot Medical for our patients and Chicago Fire Major League Soccer Athletes."

Julia Sinclair, DPM

Performance Podiaty, Chicago

"We trust KevinRoot Medical for the best foot orthoses for my patients."

Dr. Lowell Weil Sr, DPM

Weil Foot and Ankle Institute
Chicago, Illinois

"Shortly after Kevin joined our Institute, I realized he was a rising star. I trusted Kevin so much that I created a new position for him at the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute to help me with all aspects of my patient care and research as my Podiatric Coordinator Practitioner, Pedorthist and Director of Professional Relations.

Kevin assisted me in my clinic, operating room and with numerous research projects during the two years he worked for me. He is an outstanding biomechanist and clinician.

He has a natural ability to assess biomechanical pathology and develop innovative and tailored solutions, and consistently delivered positive outcomes for my patients.

Kevin has passion and natural talent for improving conservative care – elevating and pushing the needle. He has my attention, and I am eager to observe as he advances biomechanical solutions for orthopaedics and podiatry."

Dr. Paul Kesselman, DPM
New York City, New York

"Many laboratories offer similar devices (based on a mix of materials) but with different proprietary names, it is often impossible for even the experienced practitioner to know which is the “right” device to prescribe. The frustration for the knowledgeable prescriber grows when switching to a new laboratory. For the new practitioner, the frustrations are exponentially greater.

The introduction of KevinRoot Medical’s “Clinical Foot Orthotic Prescribing Guide” has finally put an end to much of the frustration and guessing work. This easy to read reference provides an easy to follow illustrative guide of all of KevinRoot Medical products relative to their clinical indications.

Familiarity with the number of available devices is quick and easy as is adding necessary modifications.

Congratulations to Kevin and his staff on a job well done. I’m looking forward to reviewing his next book: “Clinical Ankle Foot Orthotic Prescribing Guide."

Dr. Bob Baravarian, DPM
University Foot and Ankle Institute
Santa Monica, CA

"I believe that KevinRoot Medical is by far the best orthotic lab in the United States. They produce a superior product and the customer service to patients and doctors is exceptional. I recommend them without reservation and believe they will continue to strive for excellence for years to come."

Dr. David Soomekh, DPM
Beverly Hills, California

Finally! A comprehensive “manual” for functional and accommodative orthotics. It’s just what every foot and ankle specialist has wanted from their orthopedic lab, but never asked for. There is nothing else like this provided by any other lab. Kevin has now defined himself as the absolute leader in the orthotic field. I have been using KevinRoot Medical for 12 years and his lab and team are my biomechanical resource to get me what I need. I wish every other company was as supportive and communicative of my clinic needs.

Dr. Mark Weiss, DPM
Los Angeles, California

"Working with KevinRoot Medical has improved my patients’ outcomes. KevinRoot Medical has provided me with orthotic devices built to my specific requirements, the quality is unmatched, and the fact that the team at KevinRoot Medical makes every possible effort to accommodate my needs has made me a loyal customer."

Dr. Don Kim, DPM 
Long Beach, California

"KevinRoot Medical is awesome! I am a very picky doctor who insists on superior quality and service, and they deliver every time! I had a patient traveling to Italy, had a rush order, and they delivered in a very tight time-frame (the patient came in last minute and had to have complex adjustments made). Thank you Kevin, Jacob, and Jonathan for excellent service to a perfectionist! My patients love their orthotics. I have gone through several companies, and this is the BEST."

Dr. Keith Gurnick, DPM
Los Angeles, California

"It is my pleasure to review this guide to custom foot orthotic prescribing written and illustrated by Kevin Rosenbloom, C.Ped., of KevinRoot Medical, which is a national custom prescription foot orthotic laboratory that manufactures quality custom foot orthotics. Kevin has many years of experience in the custom foot orthotic industry. When you combine this with his dedication to teaching biomechanical clinicians and his desire to manufacture patient-oriented and diagnosis-specific orthotics along with his experience as a certified pedorthist, all of this has enabled him to produce a most comprehensive prescribing tool that all clinicians who prescribe and dispense custom prescription foot orthotics will benefit from reading and going back to as a reference guide.

The guide is well organized and beautifully fully illustrated. It is broken down into all the necessary categories including impressions and fabrication techniques, orthotic devices and materials available for the orthotic and covers and extensions, padding and off loading techniques, RF and FF posting techniques, and special modifications that are diagnosis specific.

Although only the examining clinician can truly write the best prescription for the patient, this guide is like having Kevin in your office as your wingman. It is a valuable tool for anyone who prescribes, evaluates and dispenses custom prescription foot orthotics for many years to come, irrespective of which orthotic lab makes the orthotic."


Dr. Richard Schilling, DPM
Columbus, OH

"KevinRoot Medical puts great care into the fabrication of their orthotic devices. The team at Kevin Orthopedic has given my practice unmatched customer service. They are available to answer questions and make recommendations for the treatment of patients. This allows me to make informed decisions and get my patient the best possible orthotic devices."

Dr. Eric Espensen
Foot & Ankle Surgeon at CareMore Health

"KevinRoot Medical was very detail oriented and made sure that they took excellent care of me and my patients. They made my job easier and for that, I can only thank them. I strongly recommend KevinRoot Medical to anyone without reservation."


Mike Boehler
UX Design Manager at American Express

"Kevin and I worked together on several projects. Kevin runs a great patient care facility in Southern California and is a top notch practitioner. "


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