Metatarsus Varus or Adductus
Metatarsus Varus or Adductus

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Metatarsus Varus or Adductus

Metatarsus adductus is another common childhood foot deformity that will also have a tendency to correct itself in childhood before early adolescence.


  • The misalignment of the forefoot toward the midline of the body in respect to the rearfoot
  • Exposed, prominent 5th metatarsal base
  • Supination of the forefoot


To diagnose the condition, the clinician will review the patient history and perform a physical examination of the feet. X-rays and other imaging studies are usually not required since most cases of this condition are benign and self-corrective. A chronic condition for older patients may warrant imaging studies.


In the majority of cases, metatarsus adductus will correct itself without any treatment in developing children by the age of 4. Stretches recommended by the clinician may be useful, but independently decided upon stretches should be reviewed by the clinician. Casting and orthotics can also be useful in cases of limited flexibility in the foot.

Surgery is uncommon, but may be performed on older children if there seems to be no sign of correction naturally.