History of the KRM company name

History of the KevinRoot Medical company name

History of the KevinRoot Medical company name

History of the KevinRoot Medical company name


Kevin Rosenbloom in college

Kevin B. Rosenbloom in college and a master boot fitter 2001

Friends and coworkers at the Ski Barn

Friends and coworkers at the Ski Barn: Travis Book, Kevin Rosenbloom, Kenny Malara, Chris Jaquet on Angels Landing, Zion National Park 2002

Feet in Motion

In 2002, Kevin Rosenbloom was in college and fitting ski boots at The Ski Barn in Durango, Colorado. Kevin demonstrated a special passion for creating custom boots and orthoses for his clients, and a particular talent for achieving a perfect fit. A creative and a visionary, his friend and co-worker, Travis Book predicted: "one day you will have a business called Feet in Motion"

Book was right, with a twist. The domain name feetinmotion.com was already taken, but later that year Kevin registered footinmotion.com, and the company's first name was born. Travis Book went on to becoming a member of the Grammy-nominated band The Infamous Stringdusters, while Kevin pursued his passion for outdoor sports and keeping patients' and clients' feet in motion.

2002 - 2007

Original Foot in Motion Logo

Original Foot In Motion Logo

Foot in Motion

Throughout this time, he was forming relationships with a small group of podiatrists in Santa Monica, CA, establishing himself, his products, and his team as leaders in the field. Kevin officially founded Foot In Motion in July of 2007 to provide "premium foot orthoses for your patients."

Dr. Gary Briskin

Though clever, the brand name Foot in Motion lacked practicality. Kevin recounts that shortly after formally establishing the business, Dr. Gary Briskin, DPM, approached him, saying, "What's the name of your company? Foot in something? My friend, Dr. Mark Weiss, just asked me for a great orthotic lab, and I couldn't remember the company name, but told him to "just call Kevin."

Donald Watts

Dr. Briskin wasn't the only one. Donald Watts, a master podiatry assistant who assisted Dr. Bill Orien for many years, was standing nearby and added, "I can't remember the name either; I just call them Kevin Orthotics."


Original Kevin Orthotics logo

Original Kevin Orthotics logo

Kevin Orthotics

Kevin realized then the importance of simplicity of brand names in the medical industry. A brand with a readily identifiable name and description would be more effective and easier to grow than a brand with a fancy, but esoteric name, like Foot in Motion. Patients and providers, Kevin realized, make referrals by a doctor's name, not a business name. By extension, he would use his name to identify his orthopedic lab, and the Kevin Orthotics name was born.

There were some reservations as the name sounded limiting but then friends suggested that there are many recognizable business names that include a first name like Craigslist or Wendy’s.


In 2014 the name change from orthotics to orthopedic was made

In 2014 the name change from orthotics to orthopedic was made

Kevin Orthopedic

In 2014, after acquiring True Orthotics, Kevin Orthotics updated its name to Kevin Orthopedics to represent broader use in the healthcare industry amongst not only podiatrists, but orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and the O&P Fields as well.


2018 updated institute logo

2018 updated institute logo

Kevin Orthopedic Institute

Over the next several years, the company became increasingly interested in the development of novel methods for understanding and treating lower limb pathologies. In 2018, Kevin Orthopedic updated its name to include Institute to represent the company's involvement in and commitment to research and education.


Root Lab Logo

Root Lab Logo

Root Lab

In 2019, Kevin Orthopedic Institute was noticed by Jeff Root, the son of the late Merton Root, and by 2020 a succession plan for Root Lab was developed. In May of 2020, Kevin Orthopedic Institute acquired and merged with Root Functional Orthotic Laboratory, known as Root Lab.

Root Functional Orthotic Laboratory was founded in 1974 by the renowned Dr. Merton Root. Root is considered the Father of Modern Podiatry, the Father of Biomechanics, and he is the inventor of the functional foot orthotic. Merton Root advanced the field and understanding of biomechanics and is known for his theories, his products, and his textbooks.

You can read Merton Root’s story here


KevinRoot Medical Logo

KevinRoot Medical Logo

KevinRoot Medical

With this merger, the company decided to remove the words "orthopedic" and "institute" and replace them with the word, "medical", as it better communicated the company's overall passion and dedication to the science of medicine and the treatment and prevention of injuries.

The KevinRoot Medical name represents the people and the rigorous passion to provide The Best Foot Orthoses For your Patients.

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