Genu Valgum

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Genu Valgum

A genu valgum is considered pathological as a condition past the age of 7. Prior to that age, children are physically maturing and developing. Pathological genu valgum is also known as knock-knee and is seen when the knee, femur and tibia angle inward noticeably. Treatment is possible at younger ages due to the pliability of tissues in youth.


  • Knock-knee is asymmetric and occurs in only one limb
  • Excessive femoral anteversion
  • Rotation of the tibia
  • Unbalanced gait


There are different forms and causes for genu valgum including: metabolic bone diseases. skeletal dysplasias and physical trauma. To diagnose genu valgum, a clinician will perform a physical examination and order imaging studies to examine the degree of severity and physical causation of genu valgum.  


In young children with developmental genu valgum, the condition should be self-correcting. In adult cases, surgical treatment is common in order to reform the physical structure of the limb.