Jones Fracture
Jones Fracture
Jones Fracture

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Jones Fracture

A jones fracture is a very specific fracture that occurs in the fifth metatarsal or in the bone that connects to the pinky toe. Jones fractures occur in an area of the foot with poor blood circulation. This means the injury and fracture is unlikely to heal well. Jones fractures are also usually caused by overuse and repetitive stress, so if the cause of the fracture isn’t resolved, the injury can become progressively worse.  


  • Pain, swelling and bruising on the outside of the foot
  • Difficulty walking
  • Little improvement over time


To diagnose a Jones fracture, X-rays and imaging studies are necessary.


A Jones fracture may heal overtime with a prolonged period of immobilization of the foot in a cast or boot. As usual, rest, ice, compression elevation and NSAIDs may be useful in addition to immobilization. If no improvement is seen over 6 weeks, surgery may be necessary. Surgery is common for patients that are athletes and patients that have seen little benefit after immobilization.