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July 30, 2019 | Kevin B. Rosenbloom

From the desk of Kevin B. Rosenbloom

Here's a dose of what I'm pondering and enjoying this week ...


Longitudinal arch load-sharing system of the foot by Kevin Kirby

Kevin Kirby is one of the greatest communicators on biomechanics. It's been said by many foot specialists that he is THE expert on biomechanics AND it has been said by many of the same that I can't get through Kirby's articles, they are TOO complicated. Well, I beg you to take a look at this article. I've never read such a good article on how the foot works. It's in the easy to medium category and it explains the foot so well it brings a tear of happiness to my eye.  Read more


Listen to Solving the Problem of Fit: Todd Rose and Bob Moesta from The Disruptive Voice in Podcasts

This is one of the most relevant podcasts for the rapidly changing medical world. Traditionally in science and healthcare, we have lived and operated by studies of averages. In this podcast, you'll learn why in reality people never fit the average and how a custom fit from a demand economy is the way of the future. This is so important for our clinics and patient care. Give a listen and let me know what you think. Listen here


When we first walked

An important question explored here: Who was the first to walk on two feet?  PBS Eons puts together a great 12 min video. This specific video reviews not only some of the morphological adaptations to bipedal ambulation of hominin species, but examines the fossil evidence on how long ago bipedalism occurred. If you’re into evolution as much as I am, you’ll love this video. Watch here


Real question, real answer:

Clinician Question: 24-yr-old CP patient likes these old orthotics. I cast him today, looks like he had kind of a UCBL. Do you recommend anything particular?

Kevin's Answer: Medium medial flange and low lateral flange is what those look like. Add those modifications to your standard sport and we will make similar :)