• STS Slipper Sock (10 pack)
  • STS Slipper Sock (10 pack)

STS Slipper Sock (10 pack)

  • $88.99

A fitted polyester casting sock that is covered in a quick-drying resin resolution used for capturing a non-weight bearing model of a patient’s entire foot.

- Easily apply a bag and sock to your patient’s foot and adjust the clips for a secure fit.
- Wait 2 minutes for the resin to harden, slip it off and the impression is ready to ship.

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STS Sizing Guide

This product is ideal for clinicians who want to create a clean and quick, positive foot model for computer-assisted designing and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of foot orthotics.

Each purchase of the Slipper Sock includes 10 pairs per box. Each sock is cut just below the ankle.

Please select which sizing is desired and customize the amounts of sizes needed.
Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Pediatric.