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Is a premium lab worth it?

Author: Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist

Like when shopping for most things in life, it takes time to find the best products and services. That time being spent searching can be overwhelming and sometimes lead to less than satisfactory results, especially when it comes to foot orthotics and AFOs. What’s worse is you can end up with a product that is barely satisfactory, and continually use the product just because of convenience. As a consumer myself, I get trapped in that mindset occasionally. It requires time and time is so valuable. Personally, I would rather focus it on something more productive.

With knowing that time is of the utmost importance to everyone, Kevin Orthopedic has made a gesture to podiatrists, chiropractors and other practitioners. We have used time to invest in our laboratory, because the end result is the best foot orthotics, AFOs and service available. The time spent on education is revolutionary and will push the field of foot biomechanics forward.

Time has been spent developing an ordering form system that is easy to use and makes sense for the practitioner. More resources have been used to create an order form guide book with the most advanced graphics, techniques and illustrations to demonstrate what the clinician needs to know about foot orthotics and the effects they can produce. The Kevin Orthopedic website is being redesigned: for easy use, the ability to conveniently print out labels whenever desired, track statuses for an order, and see all the newest education and literature. Significant efforts are being made to find the world’s newest innovations in the field of podiatry, i.e. the XTERN brace.

Our team has been and is continuously working hard to develop the most reliable service. We have found and made relationships with the best producers of materials, to guarantee pristine quality. Our technicians have not only streamlined the efficiency and accuracy of our production line to return completed orders in exemplary speed and condition, but have demonstrated their sterling craftsmanship and increased knowledge about techniques and materials. Our customer service staff has been educated about biomechanics and our product to provide any information or resources a practitioner may need, while being able to accommodate any needs from customers and their patients.

In the end it’s all about dollars and cents. A quick Google search can display testimonials of how much labs charge podiatrists, surgeons and other practitioners. The figures shown are outrageous. The costs that have been placed on practitioners’ offices from other labs combined with running a practice, makes me realize the strains and stresses labs have done. Kevin Orthopedic will always promise to demonstrate a fair and very competitive price to any other orthotic lab.

Our lab is mutually symbiotic with clinics, a doctor’s doctor so-to-speak. If you succeed, we succeed. Your excellence, standards and reliability are our standards, and we will never let you down. That is why we put so much time into becoming the best laboratory. Our mission is to provide the best orthopedics to the best clinicians to improve life performance of patients.

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Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist

Kevin B. Rosenbloom, founder and president of KevinRoot Medical, is a renowned certified pedorthist and sports biomechanist practicing in Santa Monica, CA. With his continuing research on the historical development of foot and ankle pathologies, comparative evolution of lower extremities and the modern environmental impacts on ambulation, he provides advanced biomechanical solutions for his patients and clients.

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