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Foot Notes: October 22nd, 2019

From the desk of Kevin B. Rosenbloom 
Here's a dose of what I'm pondering and enjoying this week ...

Gait Examinations (part II)
One of our friends at the VA, an orthotist, suggested we looked at other gait videos, such as this one, for further detailed education on compensated gait patterns. Take a look: Watch here

Evaluation of orthotic insoles or people with diabetes who are at-risk of first ulceration
by Martinez-Santos, Preece & Nester
This is a great study to share with colleagues, referring physicians or even patients who would like to see some research on why customized solutions for neuropathic and diabetic pathology work best. Read here
Morning Report Podcast Episode 6: Joint Pain 
Drs. Donato and Mourad are subjected to patient complaints of joint pain and seek out diagnoses in a step-by-step approach. Hearing these two capable professionals and their thought processes is both enlightening and invigorating. This 47 minute podcast is definitely worth the listen. Listen here

Question: What is the L-code for the XTERN Foot Drop AFO? 

Kevin's Answer: We have PDAC Validation for L-1951. However, if you're billing a non-medicare conforming policy, I recommend you add L-2820, on top of L-1951. In addition, the Ankle Stabilization strap for correcting hindfoot varus or valgus is L-2270.


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